Above is my snap of a code I created, it basically is just a pink weird spiral that ends up covering the screen. I chose it because its pretty and it was the first design I created. I made it by using a variale based code to create an intracite shape by inputting a command and looping it over and over again with a high number of degrees.

One of my designs

The code above is a green star with many spikes that make it look like a circle. I chose it because my favorite color is green and I was able to add as many spikes I can just by changing the inputs. I made it just by making a standard star and charging the repeat, steps, and degrees.

One of my codes

Hello, the code above is a code that I created that spells my name backwards. My code uses a variable to count down from 7 to 1 which each interval spelling my name backwards. The "i" is the variable, the "0.5" is the speed of each interval. I chose this code because I thought it was cool how a small code could do this.